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This is your chance to make a difference

In 2007, a friend and I decided to start a chapter of Students For Barack Obama at Michigan State University. We were among the first chapters across the country. By educating others on his vision for he country, we built a leadership team, recruited volunteers and organized trips to early voting states over the course of the year.

Our early efforts resulted in an organization large enough to register thousands of new voters before the registration deadline and turn out students to vote on Election Day. We spent countless hours volunteering with the campaign because we believed that Barack Obama would fight for students like us. In the end, the hard work at MSU and college campuses across the country paid off - young people turned out to vote in 2008 at historic levels.

While I left to teach in Washington, D.C. after working the campaign in 2008 as a field organizer in Kalamazoo, I returned to the campaign because I believe we can bring young people out in record numbers again. From student loan reform to health care – the impact of President Obama’s policies have been huge for Michigan students. If you want to take the lead on your campus, join us on a conference call this Tuesday, June 26th at 8 p.m.

What we do over the summer will ensure we’re strong for when we get back to campus this fall, so I hope you’ll join us Tuesday.

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