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This is why health care reform matters

On January 1st, new health coverage and protections kicked in for millions of Americans, giving them the security they deserve. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act and those who fought for it, millions of Americans now have quality health coverage—many for the very first time.

Right now, because of this law, things are getting a little bit better for a whole lot of people. You can never again be denied health insurance because of your personal health history, you won’t lose your coverage just because you get sick—when you need it most—and lifetime caps on care are history.

This important issue is often talked about in terms of numbers or lines of policy, but none of that is enough to tell the story of how important this is. So we caught up with some of the people whose lives are being improved because of health care reform to help put it all in perspective.

Watch this short, powerful video:

Millions of Americans are now feeling the benefits of the Affordable Care Act—and their experience matters. That is just the beginning. Take some time to read more inspirational stories from all over the country, and see why health care reform matters for so many Americans.

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