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This is what Michigan's recovery looks like

Joe Biden knows the facts about the auto rescue and he didn't let Paul Ryan dodge the truth during the vice presidential debate: Mitt Romney wanted to let Detroit go bankrupt. Barack Obama knew better — and thanks to the auto rescue, people are relocating to Michigan for good-paying jobs in an industry that's thriving again.

Cris is one of those people. He moved to Michigan in October 2011 for a job at General Motors he just couldn't pass up. Cris had experience as an auto technician in Ohio. When a friend who worked at GM told Cris that GM was hiring he applied — and he landed the job.

“It was an opportunity I couldn’t say no to, and it was a much better job than anything I’d seen back home.”

A member of UAW Local 160, Cris works as an assembly inspector at the GM Technical Center in pre-production operations, making sure cars are ready to be built.

Cris now feels at home in Ferndale and is happy about his work, not to mention the fact that the auto industry has grown strong enough to be hiring again. The friend who got him the job has had three family members find jobs at GM in the last year or so, too.

“President Obama wants to help our country and make it better than ever. He’s looking out for workers like me, for women’s rights — for everyone. I believe he’s going to do right by us and back us up.”

If you want to do right by Barack Obama, volunteer today.


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