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This is bad

We just found out how much more money Mitt Romney and the Republicans have in the bank: $45 million.

I hope that sounds like a lot to you, because it is. And it doesn't even include outside groups.

That is a massive advantage to have with such a short time left. But we have the power to decide whether that will be the determining factor in this election.

Help close that cash-on-hand gap so our voices don't get drowned out in a tidal wave of negative ads—chip in whatever you can now.

I know this campaign has asked a lot of you. That's why it's so important that we don't slow down now, when we've come so far together and when this race is so close.

A $45 million disadvantage means we could have to fight back against an estimated 6.5 hours of extra ad time in a battleground state like Colorado. With only 11 days left, that's a devastating prospect.

Thanks to you and more than 4 million other grassroots donors, we're close—but we really need to close this gap and close it immediately.

So, please, donate right now to keep this campaign strong straight up until the last vote is cast on November 6th.

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Julianna Smoot, Deputy Campaign Manager