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So, this just happened

They actually went through with it. Speaker John Boehner and House leaders just voted to sue President Obama—for doing his job.

Of all the things the House could actually vote on before they leave for a 5-week break, this is what they decided to do.

Let's be clear about where this is headed: It's going to cost taxpayers millions of dollars, and waste everyone's time. Worse, this is only going to add fuel to the extreme calls to impeach the President.

This has got to stop somewhere—make your voice heard right now: Tell John Boehner, "enough already!"

House leadership has already made this Congress the least productive in modern history.

And this lawsuit publicity stunt has already gone too far, with no end in sight. The last time John Boehner started catering to extreme voices in the House, he let them shut down the government.

It took a movement of millions of Americans shouting at Washington to get them to finally back down. That's what we're asking everyone to do right now. Nonsense like this isn't going to stop unless people make their voices heard.

Join the growing chorus of frustrated Americans and let's make sure John Boehner and House leaders know we're not going to stand for this. Add your name right now.
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