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“This election is too serious for us to sit around and be complacent.”

This is Ken’s first time volunteering for President Obama, but he started out strong — signing up for six shifts to help get out the vote on Election Day.

“This election is too serious for us to sit around and be complacent.”

Ken, who lives in Southfield, is a Vietnam veteran who served in the Marine Corps and is now a mental health social worker.

“I’ve seen an improvement in the services the people I work with are receiving thanks to Obamacare. He rescued the auto industry, he created the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to help small businesses and the middle class. He’s always had a plan.”

Ken is troubled by the misleading, muddled positions of Mitt Romney — yet another reason he’s determined to help President Obama win four more years.

“Obama is a man of truth. He’s a man of honor. He’s a man for America and for every American. He’s the only one I feel can keep us moving forward. I’m not going back.”

In addition to working as many shifts as he can between now and Election Day, Ken is encouraging his friends and family to volunteer, too. He’s also making sure everyone he knows gets to the polls on November 6.

“I’m on a mission to keep President Obama in office. Because of what he’s done for the country, I’m going to do everything I can.”

Ken knows that every vote counts. Every volunteer shift does, too. Say you’ll work a shift or six to help get out the vote.

Volunteer to Get Out the Vote

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