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"This election is about our future."

Laila, a junior social relations and policy major at Michigan State, is working to re-elect President Obama in East Lansing this fall for one simple reason –

“This election is about our future.”

Laila attended the Campus Leaders Retreat earlier this month to learn effective strategies behind getting Spartans to the polls on Election Day.

“This election is a great opportunity to keep us moving forward. President Obama is a leader on the issues Spartans care about: student loan reform, social equality, and access to affordable health care. By educating my peers on the pavement and online, that’s how we’re going to get more hands on deck and more people to the polls in November.”

Voter registration will be a top priority for the campus team at MSU through October 9th.

“Register to vote! Update your address if you moved into a new residence hall or apartment. Voting is the only way we can secure four more years of progress.”

Returning to campus and ready to get out the vote for President Obama? Join your campus team today.

Join your campus team
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