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This Campaign is in Your Hands

David Axelrod spent some time in the Granite State this past Tuesday to thank grassroots activists and supporters for their continued support for President Obama. Attendees heard about the historic work that President Obama’s administration has taken on since the 2008 election— such as health care reform, the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the rescue of the American auto industry, and protecting the middle and working class. They also got an opportunity to ask questions about how to move forward to victory in 2012. Axelrod spoke about how we have some monumental successes to build our campaign on, and emphasized the importance of New Hampshire as a battleground state.


After the event, he had the chance to get to know our volunteers and see the kind of enthusiasm and grit we have here in New Hampshire. As David said, this campaign is in the hands of the New Hampshire volunteers who are building our organization every day by talking to their neighbors and friends, getting on the phones and going to community events. Everyone from the local high school Democratic Club to well-seasoned activists are contributing to our efforts on behalf of the President in New Hampshire, working to ensure victory. During my time with this organization, I have repeatedly gotten to see the amazing work Democrats can do and I know that we can win this state in 2012 if we take the time now to organize. And, like David said, we have a lot to run on, so now is the time to build our team.

David Axelrod Manchester_9-27-11_004

This truly is your campaign, so if you are ready to fight for the things we worked so hard for these past few years, check out our events page and find out how to get connected to your neighborhood team. We are growing fast and can’t wait to have you on board!

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