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"This campaign is about you and me"


Lynn is a superstar volunteer from Laconia who’s about to have a very, very busy three days.

First on Lynn’s agenda–attending one of the convention watch parties dotting New Hampshire tonight. She told us:

“The energy and enthusiasm behind this campaign is really gaining momentum and I know that the President’s speech tonight will just continue to build on this. I’m attending a watch party in my local OFA-NH office in Laconia because I want to watch this with friends and fellow supporters, the energy will be infectious.”

Then, tomorrow, Lynn’s going to be one of thousands of folks to welcome the Obamas and Bidens to Portsmouth at what will be the very first post-Convention stop of the campaign.

“There’s so much energy when such a big group of supporters attend a rally with the President or the First Lady. I can’t wait to see this energy in Portsmouth on Friday when the President, the First Lady, the Vice President and Dr. Biden all arrive. The fact that they’re coming here first thing after the Convention really highlights how important New Hampshire is to this race and why it’s important to get involved.”

Which brings us to Saturday, which will be one of our biggest volunteer days of action to date. Lynn’s planning on being there, too. Here’s why:

“This campaign is about you and me, real people who are standing up together to help get the President re-elected. President Clinton reaffirmed this in his convention speech last night. We really are in this together, and I can’t wait to be sitting side by side my fellow volunteers to hear from the President. I’m not sure about everyone else but I know I’ll be fired up and ready to get out and knock on some doors on Saturday for our big day of action.”

It’s a thrilling week, and how we use this energy here in New Hampshire over the next couple of weeks could very well mean the difference between four more years of moving forward or losing all the progress we’ve made.

You can join Lynn on Saturday for our big day of action. Tell us you’re in now.

I'm in

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