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“This campaign is about my community”


“Hosting a party in my living room made me feel like I was truly a part of this campaign, and brought me closer to people just like me in my neighborhood.”

As the polls closed on the primary in Michigan last night, volunteer hosts like Judy in Huntington Woods invited neighbors out to house parties. Attendees shared stories, talked strategy on a special conference call with Campaign Manager Jim Messina and planned for future events.

For many hosts, it was the very first time leading a campaign event – and it couldn’t have gone any better.

Detroit House Party 3

Barbara of Detroit energized close friends and family in her home around the accomplishments of President Obama.

“The President knows it better than anyone: this campaign is about my community. We have to make sure that the work we do is relevant to the issues that matter most here: the auto industry, education and access to affordable health care. It’s talking about these kind of changes President Obama has made that will get people to the polls.”

Detroit House Party 1

Yulanda, another first time host and spring fellow in Detroit had a great turnout for her event.

“It’s never too early to get ready for the main event. We need to build a big base of support now that will be ready to lead when we’re knocking on doors and getting out the vote this fall.”

Inspired by the enthusiasm we’ve built out of last night’s house parties? Be sure to get connected with us in your neighborhood by signing up to volunteer today.

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