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Think you can't vote absentee? Think again!

Election Day is a week away. Hopefully, you've made a plan to get to the polls next Tuesday. Or, like many Michiganders, maybe you're registered in another county or you're going to be out of town that day.

Don't fret. If you're registered to vote, you still have options. You can apply for an absentee ballot.

Typically, as a first-time voter, absentee voting presents a challenge - but Michigan’s county clerks are working together to make it easier. Eligible voters can visit the closest county clerk’s office, show their photo ID, and fill out an application for an absentee ballot. The county clerk will send the application to the appropriate clerk, who will then mail an absentee ballot to the voter.

Seriously, it's easy:

1. Go in-person to your nearest County Clerk Office, which you can find here:

2. Let the country clerk staff member know that you are a first time voter, but would like to submit an Absent Voter Ballot Application.

3. Bring and show your ID (any of the following forms of identification):

  • Any state driver's license OR w/photo
  • Any government issued photo ID card
  • Passport
  • Student ID card with photo
  • Credit/ATM card with photo
  • Military ID card with photo
  • Employee ID card w/photo
  • Paychecks with name and registration address
  • Government check with name and registration address
  • Utility bill with name and registration address
  • Bank statement with name and registration address
  • Any government document with name and registration address

For a complete list of acceptable identification visit:

4. Submit an Absent Voter Ballot Application to the County Clerk:

5. The clerk will forward your application to your city or township clerk. You will receive a ballot in the mail at your address.

As always, if you have any questions, call your city clerk, 888-SOS-MICH, or the voter protection hotline at 877-271-1672.

Apply for an absentee ballot right now

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