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They’re Fighting for My Children and Grandchildren


“Can you tell us something not everyone knows about the President?”

Christine “Chris” Bailey, a retired environmental scientist, is a volunteer Neighborhood Team Leader in Northern California. She was one of three people chosen to ask First Lady Michelle Obama a question during a recent conference call with volunteers.

“I believe that the President is really motivated on a personal level to help people and to make life better for those who are struggling. He wants to make sure that everybody is treated fairly in our society. So I wanted to ask the First Lady a question that would allow us to see a little bit more about the President as a man.”

“The First Lady said that President Obama is a calming presence because he is always guided by his values and his goals. He never loses sight of those. He feels blessed and wants to pay that forward to other people in a personal way. Mrs. Obama shared that on their first dates, the President brought her to community organizing meetings, and she saw his passion and commitment to balance and equity for everyone even then.”

After the call ended, Chris took the First Lady’s words to heart and reflected on her role in re-electing President Obama.

“Michelle Obama inspires me to be gracious and inclusive, to empower people, and to work a little harder. We have a really diverse team, and we have a personal relationship with everyone. We call ourselves the Rancho Gold Oaks Family! One of the reasons our team is so successful is that once people come, they keep coming back because, like the President and First Lady, we make it personal.”

“These are two people who are really fighting hard for our future. I was moved by how hard they work. They're really giving their lives to this, to make a future that's better for all of us. I feel like they’re fighting for my children and grandchildren.”

Volunteers like Chris are shaping this campaign by encouraging their community to get involved. Help make a difference by joining a neighborhood team in your area.

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