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Nina knows fact from fiction

Nina of Waterford has never shirked her responsibilities. She works hard as a server for a catering company and takes care of her 90-year-old mother. But she worries about what would happen if Mitt Romney were elected -- especially after hearing his vague answers during the first Presidential debate.

"The fact is that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan think working people like me should pay more taxes, and that bothers me. Same goes for my mother. She can’t afford to pay an extra $460 a year because they want to tax her Social Security benefits. That’s just not fair.

Nina also worries about Medicare benefits. After all, she's been paying into the system her entire working life. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan say she and her mother will still get all the benefits they earned, but Nina is skeptical.

"Why should I get less Medicare benefits or have to use a voucher to buy health insurance after I turn 65? I'm 59 and I'm happy to be working, but I worry about paying the bills. If my mother’s Medicare benefits were reduced, I wouldn't be able to help her much. That's a problem."

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