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“There are a thousand ways to look at this election, but there’s only one set of facts”

50 daysGrimanis_John

Yesterday we launched 50 Granite State Stories– the 50 stories you need to hear before you cast your ballot. We introduced you to John Lambert, owner of a Claremont car dealership, who feels strongly that the President’s decisive rescue of the auto industry was the right thing to do. Today we want to introduce you to John Grimanis, a Manchester business owner.

John has been an undeclared voter since 1972, but even though he's not a declared Democrat or Republican, he's a passionate supporter of the President. He told us why:

“When I lost my job in 2009 the President’s extension of unemployment benefits meant I didn’t lose my house and the extension of COBRA meant I managed to keep my health insurance. Starting from scratch at 62 isn’t easy, but knowing my family’s home was safe was a real weight off my mind. I am now back on my feet and I can see the positive changes that the President’s decisions on the economy are having. Working in the freight industry you are pretty much the first people to see any signs of change, for good or bad. Things are picking up and I don’t think a change at the top will benefit anyone.”

“I feel like the President understands the struggles of average people. With Romney, there's a huge disconnect between him and the majority of Americans. If you don’t live it every day you just don’t get it. I want people to know the real story, to hear the counter argument to all the false claims that are coming out of the Romney camp. There are a thousand ways to look at this election, but there’s only one set of facts.”

If you want to see another four years of President Obama moving this country forward, commit your vote now.


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