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The Wisconsin Wire is Live

The Wisconsin Wire is live. Heard earlier this week, residents in Northeast Wisconsin had plenty to say about supporting President Obama and getting IN for 2012.

When asked if he would be “IN”, Ron, in Kimberly laughs heartily as if it was a matter as simple as 2 plus 2, “Well, yeah. Who else? It’s a no brainer.”

The very essence of a Wisconsin voice, Russ S., from Kimberly, says “Yeah, sure I will be.”

A well spoken Tim D., in Appleton, puts it out there in black and white, “We certainly will be supporting President Obama in his re-election.”

Taking the time out of her busy teaching schedule Margurite J., from Appleton, shares a quick, “You bet.”

Exuding the very feeling of the town they live in, Freedom, Wisconsin, Mr. and Mrs. G give an exuberant “Yes!”

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