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The White Lake Neighborhood Team is IN for Obama 2012

As they have been doing since mid-2009, the neighborhood team in White Lake, MI, had their monthly meeting. Host Steve F. has been traveling a lot for his job, and was happy to be back with the gang.

White Lake TM 5.4.2011

“Just sitting here with you guys makes me feel everything is going to be ok,” he said to everyone, including his long-time canvass buddy Eric, before the meeting started.

The group began by dialing in to the MI LGBT conference call. No one in attendance is a member of the constituency, but felt it was important to hear about the many different ways we will be reaching out to in 2012.

It was a very informative call, and Amy L. said when it concluded, “Okay, now when do we get the details of the call so we can spread the word about what the President has done for the LGBT community? We need to know what we’re talking about.”

The team then hit the phones and called through their community to invite others to join them for their next meeting, as well as meet with volunteer leaders 1:1 to discuss how we can most effectively get our Democrats elected in 2012.

White Lake is a perfect example of what a neighborhood team is all about: like-minds, friendships, and getting it done! Want to be a part of this group or one in your own neighborhood? Contact Regional Field Director, Melissa Bernardi in Oakland County at 586.764.3344 or [email protected]

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