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The weekly wrap-up

Rally in OH

Before you head to the polls, here are six posts from the past 19 months that you should read, watch, listen to, and then share with your friends.

  1. In Fairfax, Virginia, President Obama laid out the choice women face in this election, from equal pay to the right to make our own health care choices.

  2. Bonnie from Connecticut reminds us that access to affordable health care is one of the many things at stake on Election Day.

  3. Jon, a student from California, remembers exactly where he was the day President Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage, and why he thinks getting involved this time around is even more important than in 2008.

  4. What the end of the Iraq War meant to folks all across the country.

  5. A look back at Inauguration Day 2009.

  6. Fifteen-year-old Kobe Groce's incredible story of meeting Vice President Biden, and why he’s keeping the faith in the final days of the campaign.

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