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The Weekly Wrap-Up

Catch up on the highlights from the blog this week:

  1. President Obama announced a number of new initiatives and resources to help people looking for work get the training they need—and help employers find the skilled workers they want to hire.
  2. We introduced you to Tara, Sarah, Jeanie, Alex and Caitlin, new members of the 2011 class of summer organizers. They will be posting regular updates here on the blog about how things are going out in the field.
  3. And we’re not the only ones who are excited about our summer organizers. President Obama joined the summer organizer conference call on Wednesday and got folks fired up and ready to go.
  4. Supporters across the country continued to exchange messages of support and take part in our grassroots match fundraising drive. “It's important to be a part of this campaign, no matter how much time or money you can contribute,” wrote one donor in California. A few folks are still waiting for their contributions to be matched—join the matching campaign here.
  5. And finally, a rubber duck proved an unlikely source of inspiration for field staff in Iowa.
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