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The Weekly Wrap-Up

Take a look at some of the stories you might have missed this week on the blog:

We launched state blogs, making it even easier for you to find out what's happening locally and to get involved with the campaign in your community.

President Obama called for renewed action on immigration reform during a visit to the border in El Paso, Texas—and asked all of us to make our voices heard in the debate.

We heard some good news out of Detroit: General Motors announced that it will create or preserve more than 4,000 jobs by investing $2 billion in plants and facilities across eight states.

The President rallied supporters in Austin, Texas: "I want to be hearing from you. I want to make sure we're putting the campaign in your hands‹the hands of the same organizers, the same volunteers, the same ordinary people who did extraordinary things the last time around."

President Obama answered questions about the economy and his long-term plan for tackling rising GAS prices at a CBS News town hall.

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