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The Voter Contact Olympics

Brooke Brod

The Olympics start this week and many of us will watching the games in London. Athletes from across the world will compete in hopes of bringing a medal home.

Back at home, we have precious few days left before Minnesotans head to the polls and help decide the outcome of the election. In fact, Sunday, July 29 marks just 100 days until Election Day.

So while you keep track of all the Olympic winners and losers, I hope you'll also take some time to volunteer here at home.

We've come up with our own version of the Olympics. But instead of asking volunteers to do back flips, or swim a length of backstroke, we're asking them to help us reach more voters.

For the 100-for-100 Week of Action we're asking you to reach out to 100 voters. Whether you want to knock on doors or make phone calls, we'll have lots of ways for you to get involved, no matter where you live around the state.

You won't get a gold medal for completing the 100-for-100 challenge, but you'll have the appreciation of a grateful campaign, and the satisfaction of doing something big to put us in a good position for victory on November 6. Are you ready to get to work?

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