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The Vice President in Iowa: Bringing manufacturing jobs back home

“It’s not every day you get the Vice President walking through your shop, especially in a small Iowa town.”
—Seth, a 25-year-old welder

Making his third stop on the campaign trail, Vice President Biden spoke in Iowa today about how he and President Obama are bringing jobs back to the manufacturing industry. In front of a packed factory at PCT Engineered Systems in Davenport, the Vice President said:

“I come here today with a very, very simple message: Manufacturing is back. That’s not only good news for all the fellow workers here on this factory floor—it’s good news for America. But it’s even better news for America’s middle class.”

The American economy has added 430,000 new manufacturing jobs since January 2010—including 15,000 in Iowa alone.

In the crowd, another Joe looked on from the same area where he normally works to build electrical panels for PCT.

“I think it’s great for him to come here and let the country see what’s going on, what we do in America,” Joe said. “Everyone hears about overseas work, but manufacturing in America is strong, and this is a prime example.”

Companies like PCT across the country are reversing the trend of sending good jobs overseas—and Vice President Biden emphasized the administration’s commitment to helping them keep growing and hiring here at home.

“After years of hearing the word ‘outsourcing,’ our children are gonna hear a new word as much as we heard ‘outsourcing.’ It’s called ‘insourcing.’ The facts are that the jobs that left the United States are coming back to the United States. Plants that closed are opening and reinventing.”

At PCT, the past few years haven’t been easy. But Earl, a mechanical technician, says the company has finally been able to get back on its feet.

“There’s been a little bit of struggle,” Earl said. “Some people have been let go and we downsized a little bit, but here recently we’ve been hiring quite a few more people.”

Vice President Biden recognized that many hardworking Americans have had to tell their families they lost their job in recent years—especially in the manufacturing sector.

“We knew we had to get manufacturing back on its feet again. Because for every one of those manufacturing jobs lost, somebody lost their place in the middle class. For every one of those jobs lost. So we went to work.

"President Obama and I have been working to rebuild our manufacturing sector and rebuild our country because we think they’re one and the same. We don’t know how you do one without the other.”

Seth, the welder, says things are looking up these days.

“I see a few houses being built here and there, lots of new stores, new restaurants, and I see 'help wanted' signs everywhere, so businesses are still growing around here,” Seth said. “It’s a sign that things are getting back on the right track. The more work for the American people, the better.”

To find out what else the Vice President said about manufacturing today, check out the full remarks at

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