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The Values of my grandfather

By Kenneth S., Las Cruces Volunteer

Growing up in rural Canjilon, New Mexico I learned the values of my Grandfather. These values have stuck with me through my adult life. In a single parent home with three brothers, we quickly learned that sharing was necessary to survival. With no father in the home we relied heavily on my Grandfather for a male influence in our lives. Working with “Gramps” on the farm we learned that hard work bore great benefits for not just us, but the entire family, we learned that family comes first. Most important of all we learned that family is not just those related by blood; but individuals who share values, work together and care for one another.

Kenneth S. is in because He believes America is a family!

I am proud to be supporting President Obama in this campaign because he is the embodiment of the values I grew up with. This will be the first Presidential election that I will be voting in, and I am excited to cast my vote for President Obama. This weekend I was able to participate in a voter registration drive at the Las Cruces Farmer’s Market on behalf of 2012 campaign. It was great to see so many young voters filled with exuberance because they were able to register and will be able to cast their votes in 2012.

I’m in because I support President Obama because he shares the values of my Grandfather.

Why are you in? Please email [email protected] and tell them.

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