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The third month in a row

This morning, we learned that for the third month in a row, we've been outraised by the other side in this race.

Now we're seeing how that plays out: In battleground states across the country, they're piling on the negative TV advertising.

This is their plan to win this race.

And they could succeed if we don't take this moment to fight back.

Donate today—and, together, let’s continue closing the gap to keep this race close.

Look, no one expects this campaign to keep pace with the Romney money juggernaut. That's OK by me.

What we can't let happen is finding ourselves in October, staring down the final weeks of this campaign without the resources to get our message in front of enough voters.

I'm asking you to donate today because the only way to make sure that doesn't happen is with organizers on the ground. If we do our jobs, every voter who's watching these negative, misleading ads will also be hearing from an Obama supporter one on one. The power of that kind of organizing can beat any massive ad campaign.

That's the work your grassroots donations pay for—and that's how we'll win.

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