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The Summer Organizers are here!

We’ve been talking about it for the past few months, and now that the day has finally arrived, we can barely believe it’s over. What, you ask? Well, the summer organizers of course!

Gathering at our Maryland headquarters in Kensington, nineteen of the new generation of organizers from around the country came together to learn how to build the campaign on behalf of the President. Our summer organizers ranged from a retired Chicago police officer, to a high school student. Bonding over donuts and bagels, the organizers began learning about each other and what had brought them here. Over the next few months we will be bringing their stories to you, and why they’ve decided to give up their summer to help move the country forward.


During our day long training session, this year’s summer organizers learned about President Obama’s grassroots efforts, his accomplishments, as well as how to register voters, interact with volunteers and plan events. Starting off the day, State Director Jason Waskey talked about the importance of having constructive conversations with our volunteers and supporters, as well as spreading the President’s message.

Special guest trainer and Chair of the Maryland Democratic Party Yvette Lewis discussed her past experience with the Obama campaign. As a former summer organizer just 3 years ago, she talked to our interns about the vast opportunities and skills gained by being a part of the Obama family. Following Yvette, Maryland Democratic Party Political Director Matt Verghese discussed the President’s vast accomplishments over the past few years.

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One of the most important skills these organizers with our campaign learned is how to share their stories and connect with voters on a deeper level. Laila E., Digital intern led the discussion, and coached several organizers to share their stories; the heartbreaking as well as the joyous, that led them to President Obama. Talking to volunteers on a 1:1 basis was also covered by Montgomery County Regional Lead Jon R. who went through the Do's and Don't's of a good one on one meeting.

After lunch, Intern Coordinator Jeb B. talked through the I’m In program, and all the things planned over the summer. To wrap things up the group was tested on their knowledge of the President’s accomplishment’s by playing “POTUS Jeopardy”, where things quickly got extremely competitive!


If you’d like to join in on the fun and meet our great new summer organizers drop by our office or give us a call on 240-242-5750. See you soon!

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