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The statistics don't tell my story

"I am a young woman who uses birth control. At the beginning of my spring semester this year, I was admitted to the emergency room due to a ruptured cyst. I was in excruciating pain and was kept in the hospital for over a week. I was in so much pain that it took me a few days to be able to walk again. My mother stayed with me every moment of my stay at the hospital. My gynecologist—at a religiously affiliated clinic—recommended that I take birth control in order to prevent another painful incident. Without birth control, I stand the chance of being admitted into the hospital for another week and enduring that pain again. Republicans don’t understand all of the ways that birth control can be used. If Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum had been there with me when I was prescribed birth control for a specific health reason, would they change their minds? Probably not, due to how long they’ve held on to their misconceptions about birth control and reproductive rights. But President Obama has never tried to take away my ability to use birth control. I can’t imagine not voting, since it could be the difference between being in a hospital or living my life in good health.

"So here’s one (obvious) voter you will see in November!"


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