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The St. Louis Heat Didn’t Sizzle Nearly As Much As our #SumOrg11 Tweets

St. Louis was the happening place this past weekend for Missouri’s new summer organizers. They were in town for an intense two-day training session on everything from team building, to how to set up a phone bank, to how to use digital strategies to further our grassroots organizing. It didn’t take them long to start tweeting their enthusiasm to their friends!

Here are some of our favorite tweets from the weekend:

@Phil_Cardarella Sitting in @OFA_MO office. Meeting new people. One minute call. Fired up. Ready to go. #SumOrg11

@JoshJHarris @YesWeMcCann2012 just fired up the @OFA_MO Summer Organizers with her inspiring story #SumOrg11 #Obama2012

@OFA_MO It may be a heat wave in St. Louis, but @OFA_MO Summer Organizers are cool and confident in holding one-on-ones #SumOrg11 #Obama2012

@sarah_neu Making my first phone calls for @OFA_MO and loving it already! #SumOrg11 #Obama2012

Want to see more great Summer Organizer Tweets? Search #SumOrg11.

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