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The “Sophisticated Ladies” of Team Seales

Neighborhood Team Leader Jessie S. and her team – The Sophisticated Ladies – have what it takes to win. As a staple in the Metro Detroit OFA office, you will find this team phone banking twice a week, meeting monthly and recruiting constantly to ensure that our President has the support that he needs in order to win in 2012.

“We have to work at it constantly and support our President at every end. He has done so much when it comes to helping all Americans. From reforming our health care system to stabilizing our economy – our President has worked and continues to work hard to see that our country is headed in the right direction, a direction that supports everyone to include the everyday citizens, small businessman and our troops! We cannot stop and we have to be consistent in our help for President Obama.”

Averaging between 400 and 600 calls weekly, Team Sophisticated Ladies has what it takes to help facilitate success in our Neighborhood Team Model. The Neighborhood Team Model is a vital tool in our organizing efforts and many supporters of the President are taking this model to heart – heading out and organizing their neighborhoods toward victory in 2012.

The Sophisticated Ladies will be calling in to tonight's special conference call with the First Lady at 7:30pm - will you be joining them? Make sure to RSVP!

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