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“The Romney Ryan Tax Plan is a lot like those Cheese Heads People Wear: Full of Holes.”

State Rep. John Scibak from South Hadley, Massachusetts, served with Governor Romney in the state legislature. He visited Wisconsin to provide voters a clearer picture of what a Romney presidency would be like.

“The Romney Ryan tax plan actually reminds me a lot of those cheese heads that you Packers fans like to wear… it’s full of holes.”


State Rep. Scibak represents rural Northwestern Massachusetts, and describes his region as a place where “the people are kind, neighbors look out for each other and values like hard work are a way of life.”

“Mitt Romney wasn’t interested in 100 percent of the people in Massachusetts. He never once visited the 2nd Hampshire district, never once in his 10 years. In fact, he had more trips to Kuwait city than he did to western Massachusetts.”

Rep. Scibak was also present for the signing of “Romneycare” into law:

“So Governor Romney does a ceremonial signing. The Speaker, the Senate President, Senator Kennedy are behind him. He then gets in a car, goes to his office, and vetoes multiple sections of it right away.”

Rep. Scibak supports President Obama, and knows what a Romney-Ryan administration would mean for the rest of the country. Commit to vote today for President Obama - who will keep fighting for hard-working Wisconsinites.

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