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The road we've traveled in Michigan

Between the move to a bigger Metro Detroit office and enthusiasm to organize in Michigan communities after a viewing of “The Road We’ve Traveled” – it’s truly amazing to see the progress we’ve made in building a movement for this year.

Here’s what some of our volunteers had to say after last night’s events.

“It’s a great feeling knowing that this President has my future in mind. With so many things that the President has done for Young Americans, it’s important that we work to keep him in office.” -Randolph M in Kalamazoo
“The video really struck a chord with me. President Obama’s decision to stick with the auto industry had a huge impact on myself and my family. Without the rescue I would have lost the health care and pension that keeps me afloat. This video only reinforced my commitment to organizing this year!” -Roy H in Flint

If you missed last night's viewing of "The Road We've Traveled," you can catch it here.

And don't forget - this weekend, we’ll be out registering voters in our neighborhoods all across Michigan. Won’t you bring a friend and join us?

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