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The road to equality

Ninety-six years ago, our country became more equal as women gained the right to vote through the certification of the 19th Amendment. Today marks Women's Equality Day, when we celebrate that incredible milestone.

But today isn't just a day to look back—it's our opportunity to look forward at how far we still have to go to ensure equality for all women.

On average, full-time working women are paid only 79 percent of what men earn, and women of color often experience an even wider gap. Across the country, women face barriers and restrictions when it comes to accessing reproductive health care. And in too many workplaces, moms (and dads) are forced to make the unfair decision between staying home with a sick child or collecting a paycheck.

We can—and should—do better. This movement has made progress on a range of issues affecting women today—from paid family leave and equal pay, to affordable health care, to name a few. But we still have a long road ahead to ensure that women in the United States are treated equally, and with respect.

Part of my work at OFA involves engaging with supporters from all over the country, and every day I am inspired by the amazing things women are doing. Whether they're serving in our military, raising families, or running their own companies—they're an inspiration to us all. And let's not forget the women shattering glass ceilings in every industry, like winning a ridiculous number of gold medals in the Olympic Games, or making a difference on Capitol Hill as one of the more than 100 women currently elected to Congress.

As a woman working in the progressive movement, and the daughter and granddaughter of women who have fought for equality, I can't help but be incredibly proud of how far we have come. But I also recognize the tough work that lies ahead to make sure all women are truly treated as equal. We can't afford to stop pushing now.

Say you'll take a stand on this fight. Together, we'll keep working until all women have the equality and security they deserve.

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