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The right to make our own health care decisions

I stand with President Obama because he cares about women.

I don’t think a group of men should be in charge of making decisions on a woman's access to health care. President Obama has said he feels the same way, and I was proud to hear him say so yesterday.

Specifically, what President Obama understands — and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan don’t seem to get — is that preventive care is good for women’s health and for our economy. If Planned Parenthood were defunded, it would take away preventive care and birth control for many underprivileged women. Prevention is much less expensive than paying for what happens when you don’t prevent an illness or unwanted pregnancy.

President Obama takes a balanced approach. He understands both the economic and human impact of policies like these. He cares equally about every single man, woman and child in this country - and that's why I'm standing with him on November 6th.

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