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The Real Payoff from a Summer of Organizing

A month into the Fall Fellowship Program, I’ve been meeting new, engaged volunteers and supporters of President Obama every day. And each day I see more and more new faces getting excited about the 2012 election, even though we’re still fourteen months away. However, what really excites me is reuniting with familiar faces.

As a summer organizer, I helped hold house parties, team meetings, and recruitment events for nine straight weeks. It was hard work, but I knew that I was helping build the foundation for a successful 2012 campaign. The real payoff, though, came last week when I attended the Manchester team meeting, where I met new supporters and volunteers and re-connected with the people who’d gotten involved while I was a summer organizer.

We have a saying in this organization: people come for the President, but stay because of fellow volunteers. That team meeting proved this to be true, and I can’t wait to see YOU in the coming weeks. Join us for an event in your neighborhood.

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