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The President’s Work Is Not Done And Neither Is Ours

Chelsey W. from Indianapolis is IN!

President Obama plays a significant role in Chelsey W.'s life. She spends much of her spare time touting his accomplishments as a volunteer with us. However, she spends her work day ensuring there will be other successes to share in the future. Chelsey is an administrative specialist for a program funded through the President's economic stimulus act. Everyday, she helps make certain that the funds allocated to the program are used appropriately and that clients served with those funds are satisfied.

"I know that making this program a successful one will, in turn, help the President," Chelsey says. "He can use our work to show how the stimulus program succeeded in aiding the country's economic recovery and reinvesting in America's infrastructure."

But it is Chelsey's work with the campaign that truly energizes her. She internalized then President-elect Obama's election night call that "this is our time."

Chelsey explains. "He said that his electoral victory wasn't the change we sought; rather, it was only our chance to make that change. The President still needs our help."

Since he took office, Chelsey volunteered in support of health insurance reform and financial reform. She continues to talk to people across Indianapolis about the President's extensive list of accomplishments and his agenda to get the country back on track.

"I know the President's accomplishments weren't easy—I was there," she says. "But it's empowering to know that I had a part in making them happen."

Chelsey says that the work she and volunteers like her did in their local communities on behalf of the President helped change the country because they brought the White House to their neighborhood. The President and national politics were no longer abstractions; instead, friends and neighbors had someone they could go to and ask questions about what was going on in Washington and, more importantly, how it impacted them and their family.

"Sharing the President's vision for a better America with folks who are concerned about what they are hearing not only makes me feel good, it empowers them," she says. "They often feel more confident getting involved with the political system, be it calling their congressman, attending a rally, or talking to their neighbors."

Despite all the President's successes during his first term in office, Chelsey is not about to slow down.

"I’m in for 2012 because the President’s work is not done and neither is ours."

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