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"The President’s speech inspired us to keep pursuing our goals"

Bilingual Arlington Phone Bank

On the heels of President Obama’s major address on immigration reform, volunteers gathered in Arlington to hold a bilingual phonebank. Volunteers and supporters on the phone were excited to hear the President’s goals for immigration reform – an issue that affects so many families in Virginia and across the country.

The President’s speech inspired us to keep pursuing our goals. I know he will work hard to achieve immigration reform. Now that the borders are secure, we can keep families together and create more jobs! -Keisy C.

We were all excited to get the word out locally about the President’s announcement that he will be tackling immigration reform and engage with the community about this issue that affects so many. -Franklin G.

It’s a great time to be reaching out to our communities. With all the good news lately, people are intrigued. -Hector R.

President Obama made it clear in his address that reform should hold businesses accountable for exploiting undocumented workers and require those here illegally to take responsibility, admit they broke the law, pay taxes, pay a fine and learn to speak English before they can be legalized. While the government must continue to uphold its responsibility to keep our borders secure, reform should also make it easier for the brightest and best students and innovators to stay in the US to contribute to our economy and help us compete in the global marketplace.

As volunteers made phone calls to supporters to let them know about the organizing opportunities happening in their communities, one thing quickly became clear: supporters in Arlington are excited about immigration reform that honors our tradition as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants, and they are “in” for the Obama campaign in 2012.

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