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The President's Policies for Struggling Homeowners Helped Save My House

Suzanne C

While I supported the President with financial donations in 2008 and voted for him, I hadn’t done volunteer work for a political candidate since the ‘60’s. However, as the economy began to plunge and, as a result of his wonderful speeches encouraging us to remake our democracy, I soon became involved as a volunteer for health care reform under Organizing For America. I was aware that my insurance paid for less and less, and my own pocket paid for more and more of my healthcare bill, at an utterly unsustainable rate of increase. No one else was trying to fix the problem!

Since 2009, I have seen the President dealing with the daily problems of American citizens like me, not just the corporate interests. The economy has become worse than I have ever seen. The President’s stimulus is now credited with having had a major, positive effect for the first few years of the Great Recession. On a personal level, I fell behind with my mortgage due to medical bills and nearly lost my home, but the President’s program to moderate mortgages helped save my home for me. I believe health care reform may literally help save my life, down the road. As economic problems exploded, the President worked hard to make programs available and unemployment insurance available for Americans who needed it.

Volunteers for President Obama are carefully guided, and presented with a ton of information to try to bring our voters back into the tent so that the President can be re-elected. Volunteering isn’t easy; it requires a lot of energy and patience. You feel like you’ve explained the issues a hundred times. You feel like you’ve tried to answer the same questions a million times. You listen to the frets, complaints, and the timeworn “simple solutions” from people. You’ve worked all day and your feet hurt. My knowledge of history suggests that any President who governs during a major recession - let alone a mini-depression - will be blamed by many voters. Many expect him to be a magician or miracle-worker, and we will need to meet that anger and frustration with education and explanation, and with the support of the millions of Americans who have been helped by this President. The President was there for me when I needed help, and, in 2012, I intend to be there for him.

Making Home Affordable is a key part of the Obama Administration's effort to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. If you are struggling with your monthly mortgage payments or have already missed a payment, now is the time to take action. Start today by learning more about the options available to you through MHA. For information on volunteering in any capacity with OFA NM, please email us at [email protected] or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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