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“The President stood up for my family”

“At 19, my daughter was planning to go to college, but she was too old to stay on our health insurance. She had ruptured a disc in her back, so she had a pre-existing condition. As things stood, she would have had to work full-time to be eligible for insurance because she would not qualify for individual coverage. We were so worried—not just about the present, but about her future.

“She was looking at either having to compromise her health or her education because of her need for medical coverage. We felt like her ability to go to college would determine whether she could get a good job and live a good life.

“Thankfully, the Affordable Care Act passed, and my daughter was able to stay on our plan and return to school. The President stood up for my family, so I stand up for him. The only way I’m going to be able to sleep at night is to do everything I possibly can to re-elect him.”

Shannon, California

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