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The President Stands with Small Business Owners like Me

LISA A blog

I still remember where I was when the economy crashed in 2008. I was visiting Greeley, Colorado, volunteering for then Senator Barack Obama’s first Presidential campaign. I supported President Obama then and continue to support him now because he stands strongly for the values I cherish most in our democracy—fairness, opportunity and equity for all. Unfortunately, as the economic crisis grew, I knew I had to return to California. I own a small recycling company, and my business was struggling. I was worried that I would lose everything.

I went home to explain to my employees the two choices we had. I could cut all of their hours or I could lay people off. Our entire staff agreed that we should stay together. They agreed to sacrifice. It was a tough time for all of us. When President Obama was elected, my business was truly on the edge.

As soon as he took office, the President immediately took action on the economy. He cut taxes for small businesses and middle-class families, and saved the jobs of tens of thousands of teachers, police officers, and firefighters. He passed the Recovery Act and kept us from sliding into a second Great Depression.

The President knew, however, that stabilizing the economy was not enough: we had to fix it permanently. He immediately passed Wall Street Reform, to hold Wall Street accountable and prevent future recessions. He got to work on the Affordable Care Act, which gave tax breaks to businesses that offered health insurance to their employees. Health reform made it cheaper and easier for me to hire new employees.

The whole time, he never stopped fighting for business owners like me. He cut taxes 18 times for small businesses to help us grow and create jobs. He helped more than 150,000 small businesses access credit so we could expand, invest and hire workers. As his policies took effect, my business began to recover. I was able to increase my employees’ hours, until finally they all had full-time jobs again.

We’re back now—and we’ll always remember those tough times. President Obama stood up for my business, my employees, and me. That’s why I stand up for him. Join me today, and say you’re a Small Business Owner for Obama.

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