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“The President needs our help”

“Barack Obama knocks my socks off.

“I think he’s done a fabulous job. From health care, to renewable energy, to his stellar jobs and middle class tax cuts plans, he has made the right call on just about everything.

“I know this firsthand because I lost my job in 2008 after being diagnosed with cancer. This was devastating for my family, and I worried that we would literally run out of money. But we’re actually doing okay now because of President Obama’s protection of unemployment insurance, Social Security, and Medicare benefits. These are all small things, but they add up.

“The President needs our help now. He needs as much money as he can get because he’s being outspent by Mitt Romney by who knows how much. We can’t let that happen.”

—Betsie, a former health care administrator from Pennsylvania

Join Betsie and 2.7 million others—help the President out by donating today.

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