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Story #24: Clinton, is supporting the President because he is supporting us at home and abroad


“There are many reasons that bring me to the weekly phone banks and the weekend canvass sessions. As a veteran, it’s very easy for me to talk about the President’s achievements on foreign policy. His rational, intelligent and articulate response to ever-growing changes abroad are a far cry from the 'shoot from the hip' type attitude we saw in the previous administration. We have a President who is respected abroad for his Presidential style, a huge shift from five years ago–but a situation we could slide back into under a Romney administration.

“What’s happening at home is always a concern for me too, though. I’m retired and have spent my life wondering why the richest nation in the world wasn't providing a decent standard of accessible and affordable health care for all. Too many people have gone without basic medical care and far too many have faced financial ruin because our system didn’t support them. Reforming health care is an issue that's been on the table for decades and in the last four years, we've finally made progress. I am proud to know that we have a President who had the courage to pass the Affordable Care Act in the face of criticism. Many challenged it, many of whom have not struggled to find decent health care or struggled to pay for routine medical bills. Those who have struggled are the people that need our help and the President hasn’t failed to deliver it.

“I’m working hard to re-elect a man who wants to give women the right to choose. A man who believes that a woman and her doctor are the only people who should have a say over her body. I struggle to understand why this is still a topic for debate, but it is. I know where I stand on it. I'm supporting a President who has his eyes fixed straight ahead of him, focused on equality for all, the right for women to choose, the right for seniors to live out their lives knowing they have a support network if they need it. This is how I want our country to be, this is the country I want to live in. It’s President Obama’s vision and it’s one I share. That’s why I’m standing with President Obama this fall.”

–Clinton, Exeter volunteer

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