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Story #40: North Conway business owner knows how important it is to make it in America

Michael Kline

We are just 40 days from Election Day and today we welcomed back former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, who toured the state, speaking with small business owners about the President's achievements. We met North Conway business owner Michael Kline and just had to share his story:

Michael and his partner Sal opened Soyfire Candle in 2004, and they both remember some tough times in 2007 and 2008. Michael is backing the President this fall because of his actions on the economy, and his commitment to protect small business owners, just like his.

“My partner Sal and I opened Soyfire Candle in 2004. We remember where the country was back in 2009: American workers losing their jobs in numbers not seen in over three decades, small businesses squeezed to the core, and the American auto industry on life support. I have always been an optimist, but I will never forget sitting here, being terrified for the future—the one time in my life I didn’t felt optimistic.”

“We needed someone to act, and our President acted. In response to the economic crisis, President Obama cut taxes for small businesses, he helped small businesses access credit and proposed the American Jobs Act which would create jobs by making it easier for small businesses, like mine, to hire and to grow.”

“Today,thanks to President Obama’s actions and the hard work of American workers across the country, our economy is coming back. I’m happy to report that I’m back to my optimistic ways, we’ve improved and moved Soyfire Candle and opened another two new businesses in the past two years! The President has constantly supported our efforts, and it's because of his continued commitment to people like me, that I want to see him back in the White House.”

We have 40 days to make sure every Granite Stater knows why they should be supporting President Obama. Now is the time to talk to our friends, family and neighbors about what’s at stake this November. Help us this weekend


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