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The Power of One


An incident Barack Obama recounted in Dreams of My Father was a major inspiration for me as a volunteer for the President. Years ago, young Obama was fired up for his first meeting as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago. Only one person showed up. Aha, I thought. I’ve been there! I knew exactly what he was talking about. How awful. How depressing. But what he did next was the inspirational part. He carried on. As we all know, his persistence paid off.

That brings me to the theory that I like to call “The Power of One”. I am just one person. But, next week I will have a house party. I will gather friends and neighbors to talk about President Obama’s goals and our common goals as a community. We’ll grow that one person into a neighborhood team of grassroots volunteers, working towards a shared vision through dozens of house parties, voter registration drives, and other volunteer events. We’ll keep growing, knowing that across the country, there are of individuals just like us coming together in living rooms and coffee shops to build the grassroots teams of supporters we’ll need for victory in 2012. That’s how we will work to improve the world we live in for everyone. But it starts with one.

If you haven’t volunteered with us yet, or if it’s been a while since you’ve gotten active with the campaign, click here to find a house party or other grassroots event near you. Take it from me - you’ll meet the nicest people and you won’t be “only one” anymore!
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