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The power of community

“The power of community.” It’s an ideal President Obama has always honored, and he did so again during his commencement speech at a Joplin High School in Missouri.

Watching the speech, it struck me that I’d experienced that ideal in action just two days earlier, at our OFA-Michigan Neighborhood Team Convention on last weekend.

“The power of community.” It’s what brings nearly 500 volunteers from across Michigan to spend a gorgeous spring day inside a training conference.

“The power of community.” It’s what unites neighborhood teams week after week to work in their communities, doing whatever it takes to help get the President re-elected.

“The power of community.” It’s part of President Obama’s vision for our country, that everyone who is willing to work hard, play fair and join together as citizens can have the opportunity for a good life.

We were all at the convention because we believe in the President’s vision and the amazing work he’s already done getting us back on track. We can’t stop now. We have to keep moving forward.

Everything about the convention reflected the spirit of community, including the engaging presentations led by campaign staff to train volunteers on organizing, educating and motivating our volunteer teams.

What’s more, volunteers like me were chosen to lead some of the presentations. I was honored to help present the digital training breakout session with Michigan Digital Director Sara Cederberg. As much as I loved helping Sara educate volunteers on using digital media as an organizing and communication tool, I was equally inspired by the input and enthusiasm of the folks attending our session.

During other breakout sessions we had the chance to apply what we learned that day, working together to set goals for our individual teams and regions. It’s empowering to create your own strategies for achieving the shared objective of getting voters to come out and vote for President Obama on Election Day.

We have plenty of work to do, but we’re up to the task. And, as the President said during his speech in Joplin, we’re stronger together than we are on our own.

That’s the power of community.

It doesn’t take a convention to feel like part of the OFA Michigan community. You can get involved right now - sign up to volunteer.

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Amy Lynn Smith, Oakland County Digital Content Coordinator and Neighborhood Co-Team Leader/Birmingham-Bloomfield