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“The only way Mitt Romney beats Barack Obama … ”

Vice President Joe Biden sent this note today:

In two days, when I shake Paul Ryan's hand onstage before the vice presidential debate, his side will be halfway through a $23 million week-long ad blitz attacking Barack in 10 battleground states. Our organizers on the ground are going to be busy counteracting that.

But the fact is our organizing depends on budgets and those budgets depend on you, right now. This campaign needs to make critical decisions this week, and with just 28 days to go, there's no "I'll get to it later."

The only way someone like Mitt Romney—who gets fact-checked by his own campaign on his health care plan, thinks Sesame Street deserves tougher treatment than Wall Street, and wrote off half of the country when he thought no one was listening—beats someone like Barack Obama is if you and I don't step it up when it really matters.

Because Barack and I cannot do this alone. We need you and it's always been that way.

It's more important now than at any point in this campaign that our grassroots organization is strong and ready to fight alongside us. Your donation helps more now, when we're making some of the most important budget decisions in this race, than it can later.

If you can, please make a donation today.

Thanks for everything, seriously.


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