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The Ongoing Struggle for LGBT Rights

With the state-wide launch of the LGBT for Obama coming up this Thursday, I can't help but think of the personal joy it brings me to think of all that our President has done for this community in America. I have many friends that identify as being Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual and stand strongly by what Barack Obama believes. That is, everybody plays by the same rules.

As a child, my school taught me that America was founded on rights that each person was entitled to. Freedom, Expression, Privacy; they are all familiar and all well-exercised in today's world. But as the fight for LGBT rights comes into play, I wonder why there is a fight at all. Every person should have the right to be exactly who they are. And not only have the right to be that way, but have the same rights as everyone else because they ARE that way.

Barack Obama understands this belief, and that is why he stands for equal rights for LGBT in the United States. Being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered shouldn't mean you have to miss out on parts of the American Dream- Getting married, having a good job, serving your country. It means you should be proud to be an American, and live a life without the worry and humiliation that have so often and unfortunately been accompanied with identifying as LGBT.

If you too believe that anyone, no matter who they are, is entitled to the same rights as an American, then join with us on May 31 at any of our headquarters across New Mexico, or online at and show support that you, too, believe that being LGBT is something to be proud of, not afraid or ashamed of. Show your Obama Pride!

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