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The OC Continues to Get Busy for Obama 2012

Oakland County- Here in Pontiac, Michigan, the organizing never stops. From phone banking to voter registration drives to team meetings, the summer organizers and volunteer leaders continue to make an impact.

SOs do VR in Pontiac

Last week a group of teens, inspired by Katie B. of Franklin, got together for the first time to make calls and reach out to potential volunteers across the county. Between calls the group shared pizza and ideas for getting young people involved in the 2012 campaign.

pontiac picnic

Katie volunteered in 2008 at the ripe old age of 13, and she is looking forward to getting back in the swing of things. Javontae J. was also hitting the phones as he did last November for the midterm election. He will be a freshman at Oakland University in the fall and plans to study political science. These kids hope to bring many more young voices into the mix. With their enthusiasm, it is sure to happen.

The SOs have been hitting the streets and block parties in orther parts of Pontiac. They’ve been reaching out to potential voters, urging them to register for the first time or to update their registration if they moved recently.

Steve B. and Adam C. canvassed the Elam Family Block Party last Saturday with great success. Armed with clipboards of voter registration forms and I’m IN cards, they spoke with folks about the importance of this upcoming election and the consequences of not voting.

“You see it here in Pontiac,” said Adam. “People know they need to exercise their right to vote. We’re here to help them do that.”

Want to join the action in Pontiac and other communities in Oakland County? Call Melissa Bernardi at 586.764.3344 or email [email protected] to find out how you can volunteer.

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