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The Nuts and Bolts of the Debt Agreement

Last night, President Obama announced a bipartisan agreement with congressional leaders to reduce our deficit and avoid a government default.

We've put together a set of resources to show what the agreement will do. Take a look at the infographic below and download our quick guide to the nuts and bolts of the agreement.


Click the image to see the full version.

The agreement does three key things:

  1. It extends the debt ceiling to 2013, providing financial certainty for our economy.

  2. It cuts the deficit by $1 trillion, while protecting investments in education and job creation.

  3. It creates a bipartisan congressional committee to consider further measures to reduce the deficit in a way that's in keeping with President Obama's commitment to shared sacrifice.

You can find out more about the agreement here—make sure to share the information with everyone who you think should know.

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