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We're training the next generation of change-makers

We don't just need to make a difference today. This movement needs to strengthen the pipeline of talent that will lead to change tomorrow.

We need to keep empowering people to turn their passion and energy into action.

And that's exactly what we're doing.

As OFA's Campus Programs Manager, I can tell you that if anyone is passionate and energetic, it's college students. That's why we run training programs—free of charge—for students across the country: Their passions are igniting hope in their communities and building a stronger, smarter, more durable progressive movement. These young people aren't just civic participants—they're the next generation to lead. Developing that talent will make a difference for generations to come.
Just this past year, we armed students on 62 campuses in 19 states across the country with the tools they'll need to make a difference in their communities. They learned to effectively identify problems, set goals, and persuade key decision-makers. Empowered with new knowledge and skills, and with their go-getter attitude, these amazing students graduated our programs ready to lead on important issues. And they're already getting started.

We're training the next generation of change-makers.

As organizers, we know that it's not enough to bring the fight now—we have to build for real, lasting change tomorrow. Help keep this ball rolling. Make another crucial year of organizing possible by pitching in now.

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