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The Nashua Telegraph on the launch of Republicans for Obama

For many moderates and independents Mitt Romney’s plans are just not going to cut it but many Republicans feel the same way and this week we’ll be launching Republicans for Obama. This morning the Nashua Telegraph began to cover the launch:

“While leading New Hampshire Republicans convene in Florida to nominate Mitt Romney, President Barack Obama’s campaign in the Granite State will showcase local Republicans defecting to support him.”

A sneak peak at the list includes Hillary Cleveland, of New London and Granvyl Hulse of Colebrook:

“Cleveland was New Hampshire finance chairman for former President George H.W. Bush’s presidential campaign. The late President Ronald Reagan named her to the national Advisory Council on Continuing Education, and she’s the widow of Congressman James Cleveland. Granvyl Hulse, former Republican town chairman of Colebrook, said he was proud to promote the party’s ticket in other presidential elections, but not this one.”

With the GOP convention this week the fundamental differences between Mitt Romney and President Obama have never been more clear. From health care to the economy, Mitt Romney’s plans are just not going to cut it.

If you’re a Republican for Obama then add your name to the list to show your support for President Obama.

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