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The Leadership of President Obama is why Carla Q. is IN for Obama 2012

Since President Obama announced his bid to run for 2012, we have been having sit down conversations across the state to get input and feedback from the grassroots on how to build this movement from the ground up. These conversations have not only produced great ideas that will help us tailor our effort to different communities and constituencies, they have also revealed a wide variety of reasons Michiganders want to be IN for Obama 2012.

Carla Q

We recently had a sit down conversation with Carla Q. of Detroit. Carla told us she’s IN because President Obama has passed more legislation than most other presidents and is sacrificing and doing a great job managing many complex issues. “I couldn’t ask for a better leader!”

Carla pointed to the Affordable Care Act and its benefits for millions of Michiganders. She also pointed to the investment President Obama made in the auto industry that continues to create jobs in Michigan.

If you want President Obama’s leadership and progress to continue, click here to let us know you’re IN for Obama 2012 or drop us a line at [email protected] so we can sit down with you too!

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