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The Land of Enchantment

As summer goes into full-swing and friends and families head outdoors, it's clear why New Mexico is known as the "Land of Enchantment". Pristine, cloudless skies, beautiful vistas everywhere you look, and a feeling of being able to see endlessly into the distance through the fresh air are hallmarks of our state's natural beauty.

Unfortunately, not every place in America has the beautiful fresh air that New Mexico boasts or our gorgeous, unmarred wilderness. All across America, and even now in our own state, there has been increased air pollution due to high emission vehicles, as well as threats to land and water conservation.

Recognizing the importance of our natural heritage, President Obama has created the America's Great Outdoors initiative to promote conservation throughout the United States. He has also helped the Environmental Protection Agency enact new standards to curb dangerous emissions going into our air.

To learn more about President Obama's commitment to the environment, visit

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